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High pressure safety valve prospects, manufacturers how to

High pressure safety valve prospects, manufacturers how to

Valve is one of the important tools that pipeline management can not be ignored in the actual operation process. The valve of a variety of types, different types of valves carrying the effects are not the same, and often the same pipeline different valves, all valves are to guide the movement of the fluid through the switch function, has the characteristics of drainage and diversion, throttling. Among them, in the high pressure environment, people usually use high pressure safety valve specialized design standard, this type of valve is very strict, the safety valve is a special branch of the family on the valve, valve status than general popularity, but it should not be overlooked, in all kinds of Engineering pressure pipeline equipment, safety valve to vital role.


Related technical personnel, high pressure safety valve is mainly to play a protective role, not only self-protection, but also protect the operating equipment and operator safety. This valve only in the adaptation of high-pressure environment, to ensure the stability of its performance and comprehensive play, is an essential tool for safety management.

Compared with ordinary valves, such safety valves are built under accurate functional design. Its main feature is that in the protection of precision services at the same time, you can make production applications have multiple choice, can have better performance and opportunities to protect more powerful features. High pressure safety valve in operation will receive the external force of the opening and closing parts, thereby changing its status. If you are running in the pipe or the medium pressure equipment appeared increased, then it is easy to appear more than it can bear the pressure value, therefore need to control the pressure through the safety valve.

Industry experts pointed out that the special environment of the valve required to strictly comply with the relevant professional production standards and requirements of production, to ensure that the production of the valve is safe for higher standards of products. At the same time, such valves must have a strong security positioning function, in the brand on the basis of positioning function has been under the gas environment pipeline management indispensable factor. Excellent materials can ensure the stability of equipment performance, and professional production technology can guarantee the service life of equipment.

In many valves, high pressure safety valve obvious advantages, can guarantee the safe operation of equipment under special circumstances, so its reputation and its performance has become the focus of attention. Over the years the number of breakdown of boiler explosion, most of them undoubtedly is a safety valve for improper use or lack of maintenance caused by the accident, once made Chengdu caused huge economic losses, even life safety, environmental damage. So the importance of safety valve obviously, but at the same time, the proper use and maintenance of safety valve safety valve is also important, otherwise it can not reach the best effect. So, how should the safety valve be used? Insiders pointed out that the main 4 directions:

1, all kinds of safety valve should be vertical installation.

2, the safety valve at the exit should be no resistance to avoid compression phenomenon.

3. The safety valve shall be tested and checked for tightness before installation.

4, the use of safety valve every year should be regular inspection, inspection by the pot inspection, and affixed to the inspection of qualified labels.

With the development of the industrial industry, the type, demand and performance demand of the valve are gradually improved. In short, in a professional system of industrial production process, not only need to select suitable functional classes of the valve, the most important but also the choice of safety valve, safety valve supporting is determined to ensure the safe operation of the foundation. Especially for high-pressure system operation, the use of high-pressure safety valve will become the basis for improving production safety. At the same time, valve R & D and production enterprises should also select the right excellent materials, to create more accurate positioning function, we must further improve the performance and safety of the valve, and help the security of pipeline management in all sectors of china.

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